Digitizing your Business Processes

The world is digital, and your business needs to be too. Keeping offline records and multiple data sources creates room for error and data loss. From a crashed computer, to internal miscommunication on a client account. Creating a central source of truth allows multiple staff to access valuable information in real-time, as needed. No more fumbling on the phone with a customer finding the answer they need, or endless internal emails determining where information is located.

Digitizing your Business Processes

Save Time & Improve Customer Relationships

Do you relate?

  • Your business uses multiple programs and software to do the same job
  • You have multiple sources-of-truth to manage client accounts and processes
  • If your business had a fire, key client account information would be lost
  • Time could be saved if you could automate reoccurring tasks
  • You have to try to combine data from multiple places to gain customer insight

Establishing digital business process management has a direct impact on customer experience and your business performance. We can help you optimize with minimal effort, professional, simple step by step implementation of HubSpot software.

Save Time & Improve Customer Relationships

Improve Your ROI and Productivity

By streamlining your business processes, your business saves time, money, and stress:

  • reduced human error
  • improved customer relationships
  • faster production & processing
  • real customer data
  • single source of truth
  • smooth data transitions between staff or with onboarding
  • online backups of your data
Improve Your ROI and Productivity

Create a Single Source of Truth

Imagine having all this data about your customers in one place,

  • every email sent,
  • every attachment clicked on,
  • the ability to call from an app on your phone or your desktop and log and record every call (if you so choose).
  • Notifications when emails are looked at,
  • what webpages the customer has viewed.
  • Plus when a lead from your website comes in, automatically a contact is created for you to reach out and connect to or assign to the appropriate rep.

The HubSpot Free Starter offers all this, you just need to set it up and we will make it easy.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Start This Journey with HubSpot Software

With HubSpot free you get the following:

  • Contact Management
  • Contact Website Activity
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tasks and Activities
  • Forms
  • Email Marketing
  • Ad Management
  • List Segmentation
  • Calling
  • Email Templates
  • Live Chat and Chat Bot
  • Gmail and Outlook integrations
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Plus much more.....
Start This Journey with HubSpot Software
We can support you by setting up this free tool with a fast and very affordable implementation. How much are your customer relationships worth to you? Start your journey today.
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Optimize Your Contact Management Systems

How much is your customer experience worth? The key to creating a better customer experience always comes down to understanding your customers.

One of the first steps to understanding your customers and the impact of your communication with your customers is to have data about your customers and your communications. When you have data in multiple places, this can be hard to gain insight and understanding because you do not have a single source of truth. The data is everywhere and it is just too hard to organize and manage.

All this can be captured in one place. Your customer data , digital marketing and sales processes do not need to be complex. We will make it easy and bring it all together for you.

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Optimize Your Contact Management Systems

Why GI?

In order to create and nurture your customer relationships, we need to learn the ins and outs of your business and your clientele. We don't just look at one aspect of your business. As a full service online marketing company, we look at your business as a whole; from the sales process to the customer service.

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I have had some very positive experiences with Graphic Intuitions so far. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with. I have learned a lot about marketing and social media in the time I have been working with them.

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