What’s Brewing – Week of August 18, 2014

What’s Brewing – Week of August 18, 2014

One of our employees was visiting the west coast last week so this week's beer review comes from Pierre and his crew.

This week's beer in question is named Dark Matter by the Hoyne Brewing Company.

The quality really shines in all their craft beers. The reason, you ask? It's thanks to a brewmaster, well versed in the art of beer crafting, that goes by the name of Sean Hoyne, aka The Brewmaster. What takes it to the next level is that he was able to study under one of the pioneers of the North American microbrewery movement, Frank Appleton.

When you see the Dark Matter artwork and label (all said it looked great!) you would think it's a hefty porter or stout. It is in fact an American brown ale. It has a nice dark reddish hue with a tan head, smells of caramel and dark fruits, and tastes of roasted malts and coffee. It's a delicious soft brew, just not as strong as you might expect with a name like Dark Matter. Overall, I was quite pleased and would give it a 8/10. My guest panel had some mixed emotions. We had an 8.5/10, an 8/10, and a 6.5/10 (from a non coffee drinker). Overall the impressions were: smooth, very drinkable and a must try.

If you are on the West Coast, you should pop in to Hoyne Brewing Company to get your growlers filled. They always have an excellent variety of beers on tap, something for everyone.

Thanks for the review, Pierre and friends! Now let's talk a little bit about what we've been up to at Graphic Intuitions.

One of our current customers asked if we could create mood boards for their upcoming website redesign. Mood boards are used by graphic designers to help them visually illustrate the style they are developing for a client. It's an extra step early on in the process but we find it helps us to see if we are on the same page as the client right from the get-go, which makes for a smoother process later on. We'll have more on mood boards in the future including a sample to give you a better idea of how this process works.

We are implementing a "live chat" feature to one of our client's sites. This live chat option would be available on every page of their website and, with the simple click of a button, customers can open up a dialogue box to communicate with our client. We'll fill you in more on this exciting project once it's launched at the end of the month!

When we think about our humble beginnings in Shayne and Julie's basement, we are pretty proud of how far we've come. Construction is set to begin to our office exterior in early October so keep checking in for updates, or you can drive by and check for yourself. We'll make sure to wave!

We also wanted to give a shout out to the Town of Morris Public Works Department for their hard work on creating a driveway entrance for our staff. The crew was quick and did a fantastic job. Much appreciated!

Maybe it has to do with the fact that it's summertime, or maybe it was because the weekend was near, but there were some strange conversations that went way off topic on Friday, which resulted in debates over knitting and waterbeds?!?! Which leads us to our next question: do people still have waterbeds? It sounds very 1987.

The last week of August is upon us. Sigh... Make the best of this last blast of summer and keep checking by to see what's brewin' here at Graphic Intuitions.