What's Brewin' - Week of August 4, 2014

What's Brewin' - Week of August 4, 2014

Ah... Got to love a little R and R! The bosses took a long-needed holiday at the end of July and, with the work week being a short one, the week of August 4th was a catch up week at Graphic Intuitions. So let's catch up!

First and foremost, we have to do the weekly beer review or that would just be wrong. This week's selection may be the best beer ever. Or maybe it just tasted that way because the last beer reviewed tasted like, as one team member described it, "alcoholic cud juice".

This week's beer, from Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, is the Sasquatch Black Lager. This refreshing brewed gem scored an elusive five furry paws out of five proving that, while Sasquatch might be a myth, pure beer bliss is certainly a reality. We even heard "beyond delicious" a few times... You know that's got to be some good beer!

Now for the, ahem, important work at hand. We spent a good portion of the week working on a few major websites which will be revealed in the next month. Top secret. I know, exciting right? A lot of what we do at G.I is troubleshooting. One of our new sites wasn't displaying animations properly in older versions of Internet Explorer so our talented programmers had to put their big brains together to figure out a solution. They came up with some cross-browser fallbacks for the problematic animated sections so the site would still be viewable. This hiccup generated quite the heated discussion with our staff about different web browsers... I sense another blog post topic! The website that had us scratching our heads on this one was www.qualityconcepts.ca. We will have an in-depth post about this website next Friday.

Danni is our newest team member but she is hitting the ground running- way to go Danni! She has been updating our portfolio page with our latest projects so keep checking our portfolio section to see what we've been up to!

We'll see you next week... Same time, same place, different problems to solve and, of course, more beer!