What’s Brewin’ – October 22, 2014

What’s Brewin’ – October 22, 2014

No major launches last week, just the good 'ol grunt work that happens in between them, and a few other jobs we were working on. There was a beer, of course. And it was a really good beer.

Sled'N Snap

We had a few projects with the Flaman Group of Companies last week. Sled'N Snap is an online photo contest that lets snowmobile-enthusiasts share their best photos related to the sport. With our print connections, we outsourced some calendars for the organization, and Brenley helped relaunch their site for this year's contest. We updated a few categories that changed from the previous year, and archived last year's photos. If you're into sleds, you should definitely check this site out. There are some big prizes to be won!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.47.56 AM The Sled'N Snap Homepage


If you're a local, or a client who has visited our office, then you'll have noticed that our office front has gone unfinished since we moved in late last year.... but that is about to change. It's facelift time. Check back soon for the grand reveal!

The Maudite

unibroue-maudite-angle Say "âllo" to the Maudite by Unibroue of Quebec. They characterize this beer as having a robust maltiness and spiciness that is counterbalanced by an assertive crisp hop finish. And, if you have any understanding of French, you will know that "maudite" is not the nicest word around but it makes for an awesome beer name.

With 8% alcohol content, this amber-red ale was described by our crew as:

"Strong but amazingly smooth for 8%. Easy drinking."

"I thought it was really good. Lots of flavour, and smooth for 8%. The label was pretty cool too. A bunch of voyageurs flying in their canoe ET style in front of the moon." (Of course a graphic designer would notice the label.)

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