What's Brewin' - November 19, 2014

What's Brewin'  - November 19, 2014

Snow... It had to happen. The air is a little chillier, the roads are a little slicker, but things are heating up here at Graphic Intuitions. There are lots of projects on the go as we wrap up the year with gusto! We started using a really slick messaging system to better streamline our communication with each other. Is your holiday marketing working for you? We can help! And of course, 'tis the season for beer. Isn't it always though?

slack.com - Be Less Busy

We just discovered this awesome messaging app that we started using just last week. Slack's mission: To make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. We'd have to agree!

Slack is great because it allows you to do all your communication, like messaging and file sharing, all in one place. You can make channels where you can discuss certain projects, for example #socialmedia, and invite only those who need to be involved into the discussion so you aren't inundating the entire team with unnecessary messages. Slack integrates with DropBox, and there is a mobile app so your bosses can bug you on the weekends. They wouldn't do that, would they? It's also really easy to do a search if you need to quickly find past conversations. And did we mention it's free? By the way, we are not affiliated with this product. We just think it rocks!

There's even a clever little videoto tell you more about Slack. Enjoy!

[youtube id="B6zVzWU95Sw" width="600" height="350"]

Calling all Holiday Cards and Calendars!

Do you hear what I hear? It's the sound of people realizing they forgot to order their holiday cards and calendars in advance! The sound is not merry. The sound is scary. So please, please, please make sure you get your holiday orders in soon. Hark, there are exactly 38 days until the big guy comes to town so send Julie an email ASAP!

Speaking of Seasonal Marketing...

A really great way to add a bit of holiday flair to your marketing is by adding a few seasonal touches to your website. It is expected that 87% of holiday purchases made this year will be done via a mobile device. Is your website mobile-friendly? Is your marketing geared to holiday shoppers? Our web team can get you there!

And it when it comes to people finding the "perfect gift", most of them are doing so using social media. Actually, 64.8% of them to be exact. Do you need to fine-tune your social media strategy and content generation before the holidays? We can do that too.

Beer Review

sultana-beer This week we're reviewing Shayne's "go-to" beer, the Sultana Gold by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. It is described as an easy drinking, smooth beer. It contains malted wheat as well as pilsner and pale ale malts, while the hop flavour is low to moderate.

Here's what Shayne had to say about it: "One of my go-to beers! A smooth and somewhat sweet easy drinker. Not heavy on the hops, not heavy on the malt flavours, just an amazingly easy drinking beer that pairs perfectly with some good buddies."

I guess it's boys' night at Shayne's place soon.

That concludes this week's riveting edition of What's Brewin'! Next week, we discuss a beer for every day of December - it's like a Christmas Miracle. Actually, it's a beer advent calendar. What will they think of next? Have a productive week!