What’s Brewin’ - December 3, 2014

What’s Brewin’  - December 3, 2014

The bosses have been gone on vacation for a week now and we're happy to report that we haven't burned the place down, and we've actually been pretty productive. And apparently, when the bosses are away, the ghosts come to play? Yes, we may have had our first-ever Graphic Intuitions haunting.

No Big Launches... Right Now

We're in that in-between stage with a lot of big projects that we can't really talk about. I swear, we're busy! We've all been working on websites, mailers, social media pages and various other materials for clients but nothing we can really share or comment on just yet. We promise you'll be the first to hear about it when we're ready to announce them.

We're Getting Even More Social!

We have been pretty active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ but we saw opportunities in other areas of social media that we wanted to further explore. We've recently added Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest to our social media mix. The great thing about these three platforms is they thrive on pictures, video and infographics. These are all areas we can use in promoting our marketing business. Pictures and videos of your employees using your products, or quotes from customers placed in a pretty graphic have a strong impact! There are so many ways to use these picture-centred platforms - we can show you how to make them work for you.

Since hiring someone dedicated to our social media strategies, we've seen an increase of 124% in sessions on our website, and an increase of 120% in users. By having consistent interactions on various social media platforms, we've directed more people to our website which allows them to see what we're all about, and hopefully contact us when they need a team to help with their marketing strategies. Are you ready to go social? We can help get you started. And make sure you follow us on social media - we always make sure to follow you right back!

The Ghost of Christmas Present?

Yes, it's true. We may have had a ghost visit us at work on Monday. I'm sure my co-workers will roll their eyes at me when they read this, but I feel pretty comfortable saying it was paranormal in nature.

It happened shortly after lunch. We had all returned to our desks: some of us had earbuds in, and I think there were a few people discussing work-related issues when we heard a strange clatter of plates in our kitchen. I had just finished washing the dishes and had put them away over lunch so I know for a fact there weren't too many in the sink that could have rattled around or fell. After we heard the plates rattling, you could see all of us look up and do a mental head count to see who the person was in the kitchen making noise. But as we looked around the room, we realized - we were all at our desks! Frea-ky! Chris C. went into the kitchen to investigate but there was nothing to explain the strange clattering of plates. What? Perhaps there is an unsettled soul in our midst. We'll keep you posted if we sense any other strange paranormal activities. Ghost watch 2014 is on!

A Beer Review From Florida

While Shayne is in Florida, he is taking full advantage of the wonderful craft breweries of the region. He has had the opportunity to taste a few delicious beers while he is vacationing, and there are two in particular he really enjoyed. He said, and I quote, "they cut through the evening humidity perfectly." Humidity - what's that? I've forgotten that word as our temperatures have plummeted while sucking every ounce of moisture out of the air. Yes, I'm jealous.

The two beers Shayne sampled were The Invasion by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa Bay, FL and The Mad Manatee IPA by Bold City Brewery in Jacksonville, FL. The Invasion is described as having a tropical aroma with hints of peach, mango, lime and papaya. It has a light caramel malt character, and a slight breadiness to it. The Mad Manatee has "a wonderful balance of hops and malt, and is loaded with four hop varieties. You can expect a slight sweetness with toasted notes, a wonderful floral aroma and crisp citrus finish."

This is what Shayne had to say about his new beer discoveries: "Both were amazing with the Invasion being super easy to drink. The Mad Manatee had more bite but is equally delicious."

The Countdown Begins

Only a few weeks left in 2014 - make it count! What are you most looking forward to in 2015?