What's Brewin' - December 24, 2014

What's Brewin' - December 24, 2014

We've had yet another busy week with more than half of our staff concentrating on a big project that has yet to officially launch. The rest of us worked on other projects for customers from social media plans, to emailers and business card printing. We also had our staff Christmas party Friday - our pants are still a little tight from the amazing food from Pizzeria Gusto. And we have another beer review from the Snowcase. So let's get right into it!

Social Media - Setting Up The Marketing Funnel

Social media is an important element of your marketing funnel - when we talk about the marketing funnel, what we mean is we want to attract people to your company via platforms like social media, and then funnel them down to your website to expose them to your products and services.

Last week we worked with one of our long-time clients on the social media strategy for her company. She already had a great start with social media with her Instagram account which works extremely well for her business because she has very visual products, but she hadn't had the time to properly set up and utilize Facebook and Twitter.

Determining the best platforms

social-media-3 After sitting down with her, we decided she needed to bring her blog back as a way to funnel her social media audience back to her website which showcases her products and services. After evaluating her business and audience, we determined that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the right social media platforms for her. Our client liked that we could link her accounts together so if she only had time to post to Instagram, that post could also be sent to her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Three platforms served via one interaction.

We will be setting up her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and her blog over the next week. We are also going to provide her with a social media content strategy for the first month so she can get an idea of what types of posts might help her create better engagement, and we'll be creating her quarterly newsletter ensuring she is reaching every part of her audience.

Setting up for success

Our customer understood how social media is not so much about pushing her products and services but that it's more about building a relationship with her customers, and setting herself up as an expert in her field, and then moving them through the funnel. Our goal for this client was to get her set up for success. She will mostly be handling her own accounts but may use our services on occasion if she doesn't have time to write a blog post or create content for her newsletter. With our in-house writer on staff, we can create innovative content for your blog or website with a strong call to action.

Helping you get inspired

We gave our client a list of podcast links that would give her some great tips to maximize her social media efforts, and increase her sales. Our client emailed us later in the day to say that she left the meeting feeling "inspired". That's what we like to hear! Did you need some help setting up your social media strategy? Have time to post but don't know where to start? We can sit down with you to create the perfect plan, and set up your marketing funnel for success. Contact us today to set up a meeting. And get inspired!

The Small Projects Count Too

We worked on two email campaigns for clients last week. The MailChimp monkey shipped those out the door for us. We love MailChimp! We also printed some business cards for a new customer. Always nice to work with some new faces! Even though these are small jobs, they are still very significant to our customers' marketing strategies. We put just as much value into the work that goes into them as we would with any of our large-scale projects.

Christmas Party Fun

Our entire staff was present Friday night for an evening of DELICIOUS food and bowling - all within one block. Convenient! The evening started at Pizzeria Gusto on Academy. If you've never been to Pizzeria Gusto, throw it on your culinary bucket list. While they have a variety of phenomenal Italian food, their specialty is gourmet pizzas. Yum! We had pizzas like the Romesco which has spicy red pepper sauce, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, cacciatore sausage, mozzarella, pecorino, arugula, lemon vinaigrette and pine nuts; and sweet and savoury harmoniously collide with the Lucia which has caramelized onions, fig jam, calabrese salami, cambozola, citrus tossed arugula and pecorino. All drool-worthy! We had a few appetizers, beverages and delicious desserts like tiramisu, and carmel panna cotta with lemon shortbread. Just fantastic food from start to finish! We're still talking about it today.

After filling our bellies (some of us more than others), we walked next door to Academy Lanes for a few games of competitive glow bowling. Can competitive and glow bowling be used in the same sentence? Some of us had interesting techniques like Chris R. who had some kind of windmill pitch...er... throw. And apparently Danni is some kind of bowling prodigy. It's interesting what you learn about your co-workers when you're outside of the office environment.

christmas party

I think we'd all agree that we had a great time, and it was nice to recap a successful year of business with a little down time with the team and our significant others.

Beer review: Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack

Another beer from the Snowcase! Today we are talking about the Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack. This beer encompasses all that is Christmas. Epic excitement in the beginning with amazing Christmas orange hop flavours. Followed by the warming of amazing burnt butterscotch malt as if you were sitting right there in front of the fireplace waiting for Santa. It all ends with a smooth comforting family hug of flavours. Pure Christmas bliss!

Holiday hours

Just a reminder of our holiday hours:
Wednesday December 24: closed at noon
Thursday, December 25: closed
Friday, December 26: closed
Thursday, January 1: closed

Happy holidays from the entire Graphic Intuitions Crew and our families!