What’s Brewin’ - December 10

What’s Brewin’ - December 10

Shayne and Julie have returned safely from their trip to Florida, and they were very happy to see we kept the place running without any glitches. Yay team! We are still plugging away at some big projects that are slowly starting to wrap up. We completed some design work and printing for one of our customers. We're announcing our 12-day Holiday Marketing Challenge, and we talk social media 101. And finally, we take a crack at the beer advent calendar!

By's Transport

In addition to the website we built for them not so long ago, we just finished designing and printing some of By's Transport's marketing materials including their Christmas card, 2 different decals (for credit card holders and for their binders), and a sponsor sign. Here's a sample of our work.

BY's christmas card

Join our 12-Day Holiday Marketing Challenge

Starting Friday, we will be hosting a 12-Day Holiday Marketing Challenge. The way it works is simple. Each day, via Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, we will give you a marketing task that will assist you in either reaching more customers, or improving relationships with your current customers with the end result of increasing your holiday sales! If you're up for the challenge, share and like this post with the hashtag #holidaymarketingchallenge! And stay tuned Friday for your first task.

Social Media 101

We can't stress enough how significant the role social media plays in your marketing mix. Sometimes people don't see the immediate value in this form of marketing, but over time, the relationship you build with your customers online will benefit you by creating loyal and trusting followers who will seek your advice, products and services. The key is to be authentic to your brand and message, while ultimately providing value to your customers - it's not always about pushing sales.

We understand that jumping into social media might seem confusing or even a bit overwhelming. If you need help deciding what social media platforms would work best for you, or just want some assistance in setting up your accounts - we can do that. If you need content ideas, or an editorial calendar to follow - we can do that too. What we are saying, is that we can work with ANY budget to help get your social media campaign started on the right foot.

We can also write content for your social media pages and blog. Do you have a great idea for a blog piece but just don't have the time to research and write it? Our in-house writer can craft well-polished and engaging content that will get your message across to your core audience.

If you have any questions about how to get started, or need someone to create written content for your blog or website, we will be happy to talk social media with you any time.

Beer Advent Calendar

While Santa is busy up in the North Pole crafting toys for all the girls and boys, Phillips Brewery transforms into a magical beer workshop where their elves hand-pack the greatest beer present of all: The Snowcase Calendar. And yes, it does take up most of the room in our work fridge.


The Snowcase Calendar contains 24 different delicious beers - one for every day of the month of December, leading up to Christmas. From the Electric Unicorn White IPA to the Dr. Funk Dunkel, there is a beer for every palette.

Here is what Pierre had to say about the Krypton Rye PA:

_Rating: 7.5/10 _

Here is a brew that hails from an island from our very own west coast. This brew is not to be taken too softly, it's still a medium punching RYE-PA. There is no mistaking it's solid golden body, accompanied by strong notes of floral, citrus and fresh spring grass. Some rye hidden in the mist, with a taste split by hops flowing out from the forest banks.

What's he saying? Exactly - try this brew for yourself and see. Worth seeking out.

Phillips Krypton

We hope you have a great week, and make sure to look for our post Friday: Day 1 of our Holiday Marketing Challenge #holidaymarketingchallenge!