We'll work for cookies... Well almost.

We'll work for cookies... Well almost.

We will never turn down a good cookie. Especially when it's from a good client! We received a delicious gift from our friends at Hemp Oil Canada last Friday in the form of yummy hemp cookies.

Here are some of the comments shared by our staff about these gastronomical gems.

Julie: Airy and not too sweet with hints of pumpkin but not overpowering. Sweet pillows of happiness fit for human consumption.

Shayne: Moist and just the right amount of pumpkin to chocolate ratio. Reminds me of the cookies Baba used to make!

Danni: I loved them. Not too sweet. And soft.

We've discovered that the secret to a happy life lies in cookies and beer.

Support your local hemp producers and find great hemp recipes here: http://justhempfoods.com/recipes/ Thanks Hemp Oil Canada!