Website Spring Cleaning Tip #6 - Tidy Up Your Site

Website Spring Cleaning Tip #6 - Tidy Up Your Site

Just like giving your house, garage or car a good cleaning, it is important to not let your site go stale. Set aside a half hour or an hour this week to try to run through this tidy up checklist for website updates.

By cleaning up your site you will renew returning visitors interest in your website. You will also have fresh updates to share on your social media which will help to improve your overall Search Engine Optimization.

Tidy Up Checklist For Website Updates

Review and Update:

☐ The copyright date in the footer of your website
☐ The "News" - has it been updated lately, or is it old news?
☐ Your events calendar or events page - are upcoming events noted?
☐ Your newsletter archive - is the latest version available?
☐ Your "About Us" page - have key stats, numbers or staff changed?
☐ The "Contact Us" and team bios - are these up-to-date with correct names and contact info?

Remember, if you ever have a question about how to do any of the above updates, or just need a hand, give us a call and we'd be happy to help you today!