Website Spring Cleaning Tip #5 - Broken Link Check

Website Spring Cleaning Tip #5 - Broken Link Check


Your website operates like a fine tuned machine when everything is working well. When it is not, well....

Take some time this week to check in on the working parts of your site, or check with your web design company to see if they offer a maintenance package to ensure the continued smooth functioning of your site.

Check and test:

Forms - Your donation form, membership application form, employment application, etc.

Automatic Emails - Are they working and do they have updated contact information, dates, etc.?

Plugins - Are they all up to date with the latest versions?

RSS Feed - Sign up to ensure it's working.

Social Media Widgets or Links - Ensure your content is "sharable".

Broken Links - You can use free link checker software to scan your website to identify broken links and error codes (404 Page Not Found). (e.g., Link checker from the World Wide Web Consortium or Broken Link Check)

Blog - If you have a blog, are comments working? Should older posts have comments closed (to prevent spam issues)?

Should any of the above sound too "technical", feel free to give us a call and ask, "What the heck is a widget?" We'd love to help!