If Your Website is Missing This, You Will Never Reach Your Goals - Tip #2

If Your Website is Missing This, You Will Never Reach Your Goals - Tip #2

The purpose of our previous tip was to freshen up your content to attract visitors to your website and begin to improve your SEO. Now that your content is sparkling, it is time to make sure you are retaining all those new visitors and getting a return on investment from them!


What are the main goals of your website?

Ultimately, you want your web visitors to take some action: connect up with your email list or social media, sign up for a product or service demo, book a service appointment, or purchase a product...

No matter the goals of your website, your "calls to action" need to be blindingly visible. Keep them 'above-the-fold' so they won't be missed.

If users have to hunt for your call to action, you will never reach your goals.

Is your call to action message clear?

If you are looking for users to sign up to your newsletter list, don't just say "Sign up for our Newsletter". Think about it, would you sign up for something you had no clue about?

People want to know "What's in it for them?".

Give them a brief list of why they WANT to sign up for the newsletter. Maybe you provide product tips or special sale items that are only found in your newsletter. Let them know that. Give them a reason to sign up!

Is it easy for folks to share?

Are social sharing buttons or links - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. - easy to find and use?

Is there a clear invitation for visitors to get involved in a conversation?

People always have something to say, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. You want users participating in forums or commenting on blogs, so how they do this needs to be very clear. For a deeper example, read this Little Know Way to Market Locally with Twitter.

Are any polls or surveys well promoted and easy to find?

Do you sell products online? Is the rating system easy to find?

If you are an online shopper, think about how you make a buying decision. I guarantee you that ratings or reviews are a huge influence. Make sure if you have an e-commerce website that the product ratings are clearly visible as well as the way to review the product. Still not getting customers to review your product? Send them an email a month or so after buying the product with a simple 1 to 5 stars to rate the product right then and there. (Read about The Insane Power Of Online Reviews For Local Businesses)

BeBig - Our Successful Methodology We hope these Spring Cleaning tips help you freshen up and maintain your website so that it entices your audience to visit more often and keep coming back! You'll find additional helpful tips on our Page on Facebook. Stop in and say Hello.

Of course, if you would like a little bit of help starting up a new marketing campaign to help drive traffic to your website, or a new promotion to help build a great email list, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.