The Tip You Have All Been Waiting For...Tip #1

The Tip You Have All Been Waiting For...Tip #1


If your website is looking tired and neglected, it may need more than a cleaning - it could need a little refresh. But this is something that will take some planning and forethought.

Get organized: Is key information easy to find? If not, step back and decide if what you need is a re-write or if the problem stems from your navigation that good web design could fix.

Check for clarity: Have an objective person read through your content to proof-read (for typos, unnecessary jargon or "sector-speak") and clean-up or tighten up your key content.

Freshen web design: Take some time to think about what your website's design conveys and whether there are some small changes that might make it more welcoming or easier to use (e.g., a different font or fewer typefaces? A new background colour? Additional images, etc.). Just remember - plan website revisions carefully since some small changes might end up having a domino effect and lead to a major overhaul!

We hope our Spring Cleaning tips now have your website in tip-top shape! A clean, SEO friendly, easy to navigate website full of fresh content will bring in the right audience and start to send the traffic through the virtual or brick and mortar doors!

If you know your website could use some fresh content, but you just never seem to get the time to do it - we would like to help you get started.

To learn more about what we can accomplish for your business's digital marketing and web design, call us at (204) 746-6177.

What Are Your Goals?

Looking ahead into 2016, we focus in on tips for planting the seeds for business growth, so get ready to join us! Just remember, fields and gardens don't flourish overnight, they take preparation, attention, care, and patience. Only then are you rewarded with a bountiful harvest! Stay tuned for more brilliant business tips (and fun farm and gardening analogies)...

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