September Newsletter

September Newsletter

A Staff Announcement... Of sorts...
We are excited to bring in a new staff member this month but you'll have to wait until the next newsletter, or watch for an announcement in the next few weeks on social media, to see whom this new person will be. This addition to our team will expand the services we can provide our clients. Can you guess what this person will be doing?


Find out next month who this new team member is!**FAQs
**We get asked a lot of questions over the course of a month - most over the phone, but some from walk-in traffic as well. We will feature a few of our Frequently Asked Questions periodically to help answer some of your burning questions. We know they must keep you up at night!

There are a few questions that come up quite often and one has to do with printing. People often ask if we are a printing company. The answer is YES - we definitely provide printing services. However we outsource most of our printing, meaning none if it is done in our office.

[caption id="attachment_186" align="aligncenter" width="300"] National Trailer Parts Catalogue National Trailer Parts Catalogue - Catalogue Design[/caption]

We have built great relationships with various suppliers over the years and are able to find the best quality and pricing for your needs. Through our experience, we know that different printers specialize in different services, and that's important when finding the right supplier for your job. So if you are looking for brochures, stationary, booklets, signage, decals, etc., we can definitely help you out. But if you are hoping to stop by our office to do a quick print job on our machines, the best we could offer you would be a cup of coffee and some decent conversation perhaps! Give Julie a shout at our office or email her at if you need a quote or some additional information on our printing services.

**Password is Not the Password (part 2) - A Pro Tip from Chris C.
**Last month, Chris C. was kind enough to give us a few tips on keeping our passwords secure. Here are a few more things to consider.

There are two easy ways to find out if the website you are interacting with is not properly protecting your password:

_1) If you've just finished signing up for the site and they email you your username and password. This means they haven't encrypted your password, and they've sent it to you over an unsecured medium (email).

  1. If you go through the "I forgot my password" password recovery steps, and the site emails your password to you rather than resetting your password._

If you notice either of these happen, reset your password to something unique that you have not used elsewhere, so that none of your other accounts are in danger if this site is broken in to.

password Use unique passwords for everything that matters. It doesn't matter how secure your password is, you can't depend on a service to protect it properly. Pretend one of your favourite social media sites was broken into, and your extremely secure password was successfully cracked due to a fault in programming. Assume you used the same password for the email account you used to sign up for that social media site. If you've used that email account to sign up for other services, the attackers can now easily gain control of not only the first social media site, but also the email account used to sign up for it, and any services where you've used that email/password combination. Since you used this email account to sign up for services, they can reset the password on that service even if they don't have it because they control the email account.

If you use a unique password for the email address, you have a slight chance of being able to use that email address to reset the passwords on those services and regain control. If you use a unique password for every service, then the damage is limited only to the social media site that got broken in to. The major downside to that, and the biggest reason people don't do this, is it's hard to remember unique passwords for every service you use. Password saving services like the award winning LastPass can make that a non-issue.

Why Web Design is the Domain of your Entire Company
**When it's time to design or upgrade your website, the responsibility shouldn't just fall on the shoulders of the marketing department or a select few employees. This **article
from Entrepreneur Magazine explains why it should be a team effort.

**We are strapped in and ready for take-off!
**Now that fall is approaching and everyone has finished taking summer holidays, we are ready to buckle down and get to work. We are looking at what's coming down the pipe for the last few months of the year and we are in for a heck of a ride! A lot of exciting projects are in the works and we can't wait to share them with you once completed!