October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Tradeshows and Ho Ho Hos

Just a friendly reminder that tradeshow season is in full swing, and the winter holidays are just around the corner. We want to make sure your tradeshow marketing materials and holiday cards, calendars and merchandise are ready to make your business shine! Contact Julie to discuss how we can help you! Here is a booth we designed for Hemp Oil Canada.


Why web developers aren't friends with Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Industry standards are changing quickly and as a result, many of the interactive features web developers use to make your website pretty and flashy aren't supported by Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Let's run through the thought behind why the bulk of the industry is dropping support.

  • IE7 and IE8 were launched 7 and 5 years ago respectively. So anyone who purchased a computer (PC) in the last 5 years is running, at the vey least, IE9 (which is most of the population).
  • If you are running Windows XP, the highest version of Internet Explorer you can run is version 8. Microsoft has already pulled the plug on XP as of April 8, 2014 so they will no longer support or patch issues with it, which leaves companies using it open to hackers. We definitely don't want that for our customers.
  • Many big companies like Facebook, Google Apps and Google Analytics, etc. all do not support IE7 or IE8. WordPress also suggests you use other browsers.

Clients are often concerned that if we don't support these older browsers, their customers using older versions of Internet Explorer (which is a very tiny portion of the population) won't be able to see their website. That is not the case. The website will be visible, but might not appear as intended: since the standards are changing, so must good browsers. We also check your website's analytics to see where most of the traffic from your website is coming from. If we feel there is a large number of people using these older versions of Internet Explorer to view your site, we will definitely take that into account when setting up your site.

At the end of the day, supporting old browsers costs our clients a lot more money because it requires a lot more time from our web developers. And, as this website puts it, "friends don't let other friends use IE7". The same goes for IE8. Now go hug a web developer!

Product Review: IdeaPaint

We have so many brilliant ideas flying around here sometimes that we needed a place to throw them up to help keep us organized and on the same page. That's when IdeaPaint came into our lives and revolutionized the way we get things done here at Graphic Intuitions! (We are not paid to endorse this product, we just think it's rad.)

You've heard of chalkboard paint, which essentially turns any surface into a chalkboard, well IdeaPaint turns any surface into a dry erase board! Fancy, right? It's perfect for offices, schools, and homes; anywhere you need to organize your ideas. IdeaPaint has done over 100,000 installations in 40 countries for companies like Harvard, Apple, LinkedIn, Gap, PayPal, and yes, Graphic Intuitions. Check out IdeaPaint online and see if it will help improve your workflow.

Why we blog!

Does your website have a blog? It's a great place to talk about information that is important to your customers like new product info, news about your business or news within the industry. We utilize our blog once or twice a week to keep our website fresh and evolving while informing our customers about what we're up to. When we launch sites, we always like to do case studies to show you what the latest tricks are in web design, and we even throw in a few beer reviews here and there for good measure. If you think your business would benefit from a blog, or that social media is something you'd like to explore, we can help you with an editorial strategy and content generation.