March Newsletter

March is shaping up to be a very busy month for us in all areas of our company. We've acquired a number of new clients that we're so pumped to work with!

Here are some of the projects we CAN talk about. The other ones are top secret and classified information. Protected by lasers, padlocks and vaults.

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In the next few weeks, we will be sending you a special invite, which will give you access to information that will increase your marketing game! In revealing our process, we can share how we will be launching our campaign, what's going into our website redesign and how we will be using multiple facets of marketing to further promote our company. So keep checking our blog and social media platforms for details! The information we will be giving away will be a game-changer for your business.

The countdown is on to BE BIG...

Hemp Oil Catalogue

We recently designed a 24-page product catalogue for Hemp Oil Canada Inc. The catalogue is used to give interested parties more information about the company, product line, and full product nutritional information.

The catalogue was designed with the company's brand in mind, using professional photos to highlight the natural qualities of the products. In the past, we've designed the company's tradeshow booth, and designed and printed their business cards and rack cards. It's always a pleasure to work with such a great organization.

EcoPoxy - Social Media Management

Last month, we started managing social media for EcoPoxy, one of the few plant-based and certified green resin systems in the world. Their products are used on boats, snowboards, campers, bicycles, jewelry, art, countertops; the list is endless! EcoPoxy hadn't advertised much but was interested in gaining some exposure through social media. Our goal was to increase leads through a targeted social media strategy.

Here is what we've done so far:

  • Updated their Facebook business page, and added Twitter and Instagram accounts. We chose these three platforms as a place to build a relationship with customers while acquiring new leads. These are also very visual platforms, which allows us to share pictures of the products being used by customers.
  • We created a monthly editorial calendar. This document breaks down what we will post each day on the various platforms. We are also posting and engaging with customers on EcoPoxy's behalf.
  • [caption id="attachment_822" align="alignright" width="219"] Pun "Pun" by artist Antonio Pendones[/caption]

    EcoPoxy products are used by a variety of very talented artists and craftspeople. We decided to use their products and stories as weekly features on the EcoPoxy blog. This gives us content we can share on social media that promotes the customer and indirectly promotes EcoPoxy. The trickle down effect is that the profiled customer shares the post with other like-minded people through their social media platforms, which gives EcoPoxy more exposure to the type of people they want to attract. Here is one of the features we wrote for EcoPoxy on artist Antonio Pendones.

  • We also started following and interacting with pages of resin-users on Twitter and Facebook with the goal of having them follow EcoPoxy back. Within the first hour of following these prospective leads, we had one question from an interested party who indicated she would try the product in the near future.

Results in the first TWO weeks:

  • Testimonials from 3 happy customers, which we can repurpose in upcoming posts.
  • Five direct messages on social media from new leads asking how the product works.
  • Acquisition of 2 new customers.
  • The website has seen a 4% increase in users and an 8% increase in pageviews from the previous month.
  • Traffic from Facebook to the website increased by 500% from the previous month.
  • Thirteen new likes on Facebook and 17 quality followers on Twitter - people who are genuinely interested in the products.
  • Third highest online sales month for the company - considering February is usually a very slow retail month, this is a promising number.

Building a solid foundation on social media is not an overnight process. Like any relationship, it takes time and requires a conversation from both sides. We will continue to work with EcoPoxy to build their following while increasing their customer base.

Beer Review

We've moved our beer review to our newsletter - so here it is! We've been getting harassed by so many of you to bring it back so we thought it was time. Here's one that was shared after work last week. big_rock_beer

Cracked Pepper Wheat Ale

By Big Rock Brewery
Rating: 5.5/10

Clear golden in colour, pours a light shade of yellow with loosely fitting off-white head. Smells of mild spices with a slight fruity accent. Relatively light weight, though when the pepper kicks in, it seems to take away from all other elements in this brew. Decent to drink, not seeking this one out to stock the fridge. Take this review with a grain of pepper.

Coming up...

We are starting some large-scale web projects in March that will be very challenging... in a good way. Figuring out innovative ways to solve problems for our customers is the type of challenge we enjoying taking on. It forces us to learn new techniques and to find new products that will work within the scope of the project and budget. Are you in a bind? We're always here to help you find the right solution.