Google Analytics To Make It Shine! Website Spring Cleaning Tip #4

Google Analytics To Make It Shine! Website Spring Cleaning Tip #4

Website Spring Cleaning Tip - #4 MAKE THINGS SHINE

Now is the time to add some polish or gloss to your site! With a little research (Google Analytics is your friend) you can tailor your content (text, images, video) to your audience and make sure they love what they see on your site and keep coming back for more which in turn leads to more sales!

Here is a checklist to help you make your content sparkle and shine:

Do a quick analytics review, then...

☐ Determine the pages most visited and take a peek at them to see what people like about them

☐ Consider adding links or keywords to least visited pages

☐ Look at pages that have not been updated recently - is content still applicable?

For The Do It Yourself Small Business Owner:

Don't have Google Analytics installed on your website?

Have Google Analytics, but don't know which charts help you improve your website?

Professional Help From Experienced Google Analytics Pros

We monitor Google Analytics for over 100 client websites, large and small, in many different industries. In fact, we manage data for hundreds of thousands of visitors each month! We can create meaningful reports on the performance of your website from your Google Analytics, and provide recommendations for specific strategies to increase your digital marketing results!

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