Countdown of Top 8 Website Spring Cleaning Tips

Countdown of Top 8 Website Spring Cleaning Tips

All April we will be posting a countdown of our Top 8 Website Spring Cleaning Tips help you get your website into tip-top shape! If you don't know if your website is mobile-friendly, take the Mobile Friendly Test below!

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, the river is flowing and people are starting the annual Spring cleaning of their yards and homes by getting rid of a lot of old and unwanted items to make room for the new.

Now is also the perfect time for businesses to take a fresh look at some Website Spring Cleaning Tips to make sure they are clean, tidy and mobile friendly so it's ready for visitors day or night, from home or from anywhere!


Was your website built before 2010? Even if you have a newer site, we recommend running a few tests to make sure it is a healthy, user friendly site for 2016!

If your site was built in 2009 or older, you might want to get the large hefty bags out, because you may have some heavy lifting to do in terms of making the site user friendly with today's technology such as smart phones and tablets. Think of the size of your TV or phone in 2009 versus now. Even the optimal screen size of web design proportions and graphics have come along way since then!

Website Spring Cleaning Tips for Mobile Friendly Websites

With so much web browsing being done on smart phones and tablets, you want to make sure that those visitors have just as easy of a time navigating your website as people on their desktops and laptops. Not only will Google start rewarding you, mobile or responsive websites will keep the interest of people who are inspired to check out your website on the go and keep you from losing potential leads and customers.

TEST Your Mobile Friendliness:

Did your site get a passing grade? Then hooray-awesomesauce! On to the next test!

If it was, um, not so great, then it may be time to plan for a website update, or a complete renovation. And like any reno it takes a great team, planning, blueprints and a budget to get great results! Be sure to contact the team at Graphic Intuitions if you have any questions regarding thy mobile website test or upgrading your website.

Coming next - watch for Spring Cleaning Tip #7 - we'll share another way to easily measure the key performance indicators, that could be holding you back from more success online!

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