Content Marketing - Website Spring Cleaning Countdown Tip #3

Content Marketing - Website Spring Cleaning Countdown Tip #3


Content is KING.

The purpose of utilizing content marketing in your digital marketing strategy is to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Creating fresh content for your website is an investment that can generate sales today, improve your website traffic tomorrow, and serve to draw in new leads and customers for years to come.

Own Your Website Traffic Instead of Renting It.

Good content is the cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization and also the key to generating leads and sales over the internet.


We recently did some search engine specific content updates to a local insurance broker's website in Morris, and as a result, Rempel Insurance now ranks #1 on Google for searches on 'Manitoba Trucking Insurance'! We can help your business too.

Plan your future content to implement keyword strategies that are unique to the needs of your business. Research keyword phrases that your competitors are having success with. Group them, study them.

After identifying the best payday keyword opportunities, it's time to plan for weekly or monthly content updates to systematically integrate the new phrases into the new content throughout the website.

By adding blogging into your digital marketing strategy, you're creating possibilities of ranking for a range of keyword phrases.

  • Create Stellar Original Content
  • Snappy Headlines
  • Compelling Images
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Call To Action
  • Informative Blog Posts
  • YouTube Videos

Top Suggestions for adding fresh content:

☐ Create or update your content calendar. We can help you develop a content strategy across your website (including your blog or forum), and other digital marketing channels (e.g., email newsletter, social media, etc.)

☐ Check in on your forum, bulletin board or community website - create a new message or thread

☐ Add some new photos to your website and share on social media.

☐ Upload a new video on Youtube and on Facebook.

☐ Add some new customer testimonials or member recommendations. If you don't have any recent versions, ask for them - follow up with your happy clients!

☐ Launch a quick poll or online survey.

☐ Re-purpose existing content (e.g., any articles, recent event presentations or company documents that may be appropriate).

Learn More About Content Marketing

Read the official definition 'What is content marketing' - published by the Content Marketing Institute.

Taking Action

Online Digital marketing and traditional offline marketing, should be considered as two laces that tie the same shoe, and must coordinate with the real-world interaction of a customer buying a product or service with your business.

If your business would like some help to develop a creative content marketing plan that includes keyword research, an SEO plan, and a marketing calendar to engage with influencers, prospects, and customers in your industry - contact us or give us a phone call at 204-746-6177.