Complicated Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Complicated Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Sometimes there is a misconception that in order to have an engaging and user-friendly website for your clients, you have to have a complicated site with a lot of pages of information. This is definitely not the case, and sometimes it's cumbersome for the user.

Realtor Website

Team G.I. recently launched a website for the Century 21 Tisdale Agencies that was one page. Yes, that's right; you can have a website designed for you that contains just one page. And yes, it can still be an extremely effective marketing tool.

The Tisdale Agents didn't need a lot of information displayed. It was simple; they wanted to showcase themselves as individual realtors and have a clear way for their clients to connect with them. Each agent has their phone numbers and email listed, and a link back to their listings on the Century 21 page. You can check the website out here:

The website is also responsive (a fancy word for mobile-friendly). The site actually looks and acts like an app when you use it on your mobile device. With one click, you can quickly find the agent's listings and contact him via phone or email.

This is what Regan Martens, Sales Associate from Century 21, had to say about the newly launched site: "The Team at Graphic Intuitions Inc. took the time to help us achieve the look and feel we were hoping for with our realty website Throughout the process, they displayed professionalism and patience in working with us to get to our end goal without breaking the bank. We will be using their services again!"

So if you have been shy about contacting us for your website needs because you think, "I don't need anything fancy and Team G.I. probably does super complicated, fancy stuff," that's not always the case! Sometimes simple is best and we can definitely help you with that too. Check out our portfolio to see some of our other work.