April Newsletter

April Newsletter

March seemed to be the "Month of the Newsletter" at Graphic Intuitions. Not only did we work on our own newsletter, we also created 2 print and 2 email newsletters for clients. Our BE BIG digital marketing campaign is in full swing, toss in some design work for a unique trade show booth, and it was one busy month! It's a great feeling knowing we're providing content that will make a difference in other businesses too.

We're also starting some very BIG projects in the next few weeks, which will be fun and challenging. As we take on new web design projects in particular, it's always interesting to sit down as a team and hash out the design and functionality of the site. It forces us to think innovatively and keeps us on our toes!

We're continuing to add content to our BE BIG microsite. We're using this site to document the successes and challenges of our own digital marketing strategies to help other businesses grow.

We've already talked about our campaign "why" and the process of building our BE BIG logo. Yesterday we added valuable content about our mail campaign and why certain types of mail formats outperform others. We also broke down the content and design aspects of our mail piece. Did it speak to our core audience?

In the weeks to come, we will be discussing our website redesign, mood boards, social media ads and so much more. Make sure you go to www.graphicintuitions.com/bebig and sign up for our updates. If you think this is information that could help other businesses, feel free to share our link!

Quality Concepts' Trade Show Booth
We worked on Quality Concepts' website in the past and we're pleased to collaborate with them on their trade show booth. Quality Concepts builds custom screen enclosures for gazebos, sunrooms and garages. As Manitobans, we can definitely wrap our brains around "Screens for a Bug Free Summer"! This booth was ready just in time for the 2015 Home Expressions Show in Winnipeg this past weekend.

Our graphic designer Chris worked on the panels around the table and the posters on the back wall of the booth. Having designed their website, we were able to use the web images as a jumping off point for the booth design. We adhered to their branding colours and logo standards, creating a cohesive feeling from web to booth.

Newsletters Galore
It was newsletter-palooza last month at G.I. We were busy designing, writing and printing newsletters for a number of clients.

SYA-newsletter-mockup National-newsletter-mockup

We designed two print newsletters - one for the Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs (SYA) and one for National Trailer Parts. We also printed and mailed the National Trailer Parts newsletter. Yes, we also provide mail services!

We understand producing email newsletters can be a little scary, as it seems every email program out there handles the code differently. We will work closely with you to produce an emailer that not only displays properly but that can also get you the results you're looking for. We did just that with EcoPoxy and West Textiles, and we even wrote the content for the EcoPoxy newsletter. Don't have time to write or design your newsletter? We can do all of that for you.

Digital Marketing Tip
Monthly newsletters are a great way to stay top of mind with clients while providing you the opportunity to present the latest news, products and services from your company. You have a captive audience, so be sure to leverage that. However, with newsletters, the soft sell is usually a better approach. Don't just focus on sales promotions! Instead show how you've helped a client of yours achieve a goal. It is amazing how often your other clients will see how this can benefit them. Are you utilizing your email marketing properly?

Have you connected with Graphic Intuitions on LinkedIn? It's just another platform that allows us to share content that helps businesses BE BIG. Make sure to follow us!

What's Brewin'
Here's a beer we sampled last week. We know what you're thinking: "Wait... is that a beer or my favourite hot sauce?" Well, it's the best of both worlds. Or is it?

Introducing the Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, a spicy little number made from Huy Fong original hot chili sauce.

rogue beer

This beer was an interesting one. We heard both good and bad reviews but wanted to make our own decision. Bottle design got a 10/10 from the spray painted bottle all the way to the bright green cap, it mimicked a Sriracha bottle perfectly. Now for the beer. The initial taste was somewhat pleasant with spicy afternotes. Thereafter though, each sip was very Sriracha flavour forward followed by a harsh roasted malt finish. Two very different tastes that never seemed to marry. Maybe if the Sriracha flavour was toned down it would have been more pleasant to drink. To be honest, it tasted like "burnt stir fry". Would give this beer a 2/10 with the bottle design weighing in heavily here.

Additional comments:

"Tasted better than the cucumber beer." (you can read more about that here.)

"I couldn't finish it, and I like stouts. Separately, it wouldn't be a great stout, and it wouldn't be a great Sriracha experience. Put together, it was undrinkable to me. However, if you like stouts that are not sweet, it's got one thing going for it!"

"Tasted a little bitter and had a strong smell. Not bad to try out but you will not want to drink it more than once."

Is Spring Really Here?
We hope the Easter Bunny is kind and that Spring is here to stay. Oops, hopefully we didn't just jinx it. Sorry. In the meantime, here's to a busy and productive April! The bunny might have Easter covered, but when it comes to digital marketing, we've got that bunny beat. Email us if you have any questions!