How Do I Know a Web Developer Will Actually Build What My Business Needs?

As business owners, we get it, you're handing over your baby into someone else's hand. Which is why when working with a web design agency, you should be confident in their processes and abilities. They should keep you informed every step of the way. We'll take you through our process when building websites to ensure the client and our agency stay on the same page.

The Interview

To give you the best bang for your buck, a web design agency should attempt to learn every aspect of your business. Go through your sales process with them as well as your customer's journey. There may be processes and calls-to-action that should be implemented on your website and will only be discovered through an interview where the web design agency gets to know your business in and out.


Wireframing is the process of putting together the building blocks to establish the website's structure. Often starting with a sketch, this determines the content and is the beginning of clarifying the user experience of your website (directing people to where you want them to go on your website through the web design).

Goals & User Experience

Each aspect of your website should have a goal and a purpose. This step goes hand in hand with the wireframing to determine how your goals should be implemented into your website. If you're an online store, you would obviously want your products and checkout to be the two items that stand out the most. Although getting people to contact you may be important too, is it as important as completing a purchase? By knowing your primary and secondary goals, web design can be used to put more emphasis on your primary goals. If everything is competing for the user's attention, it will create a poor user experience and negatively affect your website.


You have ideas, we have ideas. Merging our two teams brings a lot of expertise to the table. By learning about your business in the interview process, it allows our web designers to integrate our knowledge with your industry expertise. Many business owners have a lot on their plate and are not always sure about every detail their website needs, which is understandable. You're supposed to specialize in your business while we specialize in ours. This means our team can present you with recommendations based on the goals and information you give us. By sharing our ideas and expertise, it shows our web design agency is invested in the success of the project.

Many web design agencies will simply create exactly what you ask for, so if you're an expert in digital marketing and advertising, that can work fine. But if you're not a digital marketing expert on top of being a business owner, that's where having an experienced team on your side comes in handy.

Tying In Your Marketing Initiatives

This generation of purchasers demands omnichannel experiences. Customers expect to have the same experience no matter what platform they use to contact you, and your website is usually the center of that. Keep your voice and goals consistent throughout your channels and tie them in appropriately.

Of course, the build of the website is key, but the planning before, during, and after is just as important to ensure you have a website that can achieve your goals and doesn't just look pretty. So how do you know if a web developer will actually build what your business needs? Well, if they don't bother to learn about your business, how do you know if it will work for you?

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