Why Are Websites So Expensive?

Why are websites so expensive? If you've received a quote on a website before you'll probably notice that different web development agencies can come in at varying price points. It can be confusing what the difference really is between these agencies. First, we'll look at the costs behind the development of a website as well as the difference between a cheap agency compared to a professional web development agency.

Why Are Websites So Expensive?

Functionality & Time Management

To understand the price tag of your website you need to consider your business's goals.

  • Should it be able to capture leads and answer customer questions?
  • Should it take and place orders?
  • Should it be able to improve efficiency by tying into third part systems (ie CRM, email list, inventory management system)?

After considering what you want your website to achieve ask yourself, "how much would it cost to hire an employee to do this for me?" A website is a 24/7 salesperson, what is the value of that to your business?

Return on Investment

Every website comes with a different price tag based on the requirements. You can bet Amazon didn't only pay $10,000 for their website's build when they make an average of over $1000 per second (now that would be a great return on investment!).

Consider your website one of your primary lead generation channels. If your website is able to generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales, it may not do justice to spend only $5000 on the build.

Web Design

People judge books by their covers, and good design takes time. If a website doesn't meet industry standards you will have a few issues.

  1. People won't trust your website, in turn losing trust in its content and for your company
  2. Search engines such as Google penalize you, meaning fewer people will find you online because Google will rank your competitors above you

For more information visit our blog, Three Reasons why Web Design is Important.

Marketing Integrations

A full service digital agency, like Graphic Intuitions, can provide a holistic strategy for your online presence. We'll review your goals and make sure all of your marketing channels tie into your website. Maybe you're running some Google Ads, we'll make sure you have a web page specifically catered to that ad. Or if you are building an email list, there should be a place for visitors to sign up to it on your website. Your website should continually evolve with your marketing strategy in order to accomplish your business goals.

Cheap vs Professional Web Development Agencies

You can't get the best of both worlds, what's cheap ain't good and if it's good, it ain't cheap. You could find an offshore agency to build you a cheap website but there are risks involved. Cheap website's often have to be redeveloped more frequently due to bugs and as the industry evolves. We'll also often hear business owners complain because it's not generating leads due to the functionality and marketing features not being there.

Cheap Web Design Agencies

  1. Cheap web design agencies won't consider your marketing goals
  2. Design and content is limited, generally restricted to a simple brochure style website with content placed in
  3. You need to micromanage the build and know exactly the functionalities you want
  4. You have very little recourse if you come to a disagreement with the agency
  5. They may not be up to date on industry standards such as mobile first design, slow load time, confusing website navigation, doesn't have an SSL certificate, and the list goes on

Professional Web Design Agencies

  1. A professional web development agency uses their industry expertise to give advice based on the goals you set
  2. They are up to date on industry standards regarding web design and digital marketing
  3. The website can incorporate your marketing initiatives

What's your website worth to you? When you hire a full service digital agency like Graphic Intuitions you don't just get a web developer, you get an entire team of industry experts who have your goals and best interests in mind, which is getting a return on your investment. By combining your business's expertise with our marketing experts, we can work together to create a digital plan to reach your goals. Send us a message and let's plan your project.

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