When Is It Time For A New Website?

How do you know when it is time for a new website? Like a car, sometimes it just makes more sense to put some money into repairs, but other times it may make more sense to upgrade to something else entirely. Consider these things when you are thinking of giving your web design an overhaul or just making updates to what you currently have.

Is Your Website Meeting Your Business Goals?

What were your goals when you first built your website? Have your goals changed? Does your current website help in achieving your business goals? If not, a web design may be recommended in the very near future. Your website should be a 24/7 sales tool, and if it's not contributing to the growth of your business, why are you paying for it? This is one of the major differences between cheap and a professional web design agency, any agency you work with should consider the goals you have for your business in the development of the new website.

Does Your Website Work on Mobile Devices?

Google has changed to index mobile first websites. This means if your website does not work on mobile devices, Google penalizes you which can allow your competitors to appear first in search results. Note that part of a website being mobile friendly is quick load time. If your website takes long to load, you will be penalized for this as well.

Does Your Web Design Match Your Business's Branding?

Simple tweaks such as colour changes or a logo update can be quite simple to make on a website, but if you've recently rebranded and given everything an overhaul, it may be easier to start fresh when it comes to your web design, especially if your website is outdated, too busy, or the imagery doesn't reflect your brands personality to cater to your target audience.

What Are You Spending On Website Updates?

Back to the car analogy, once you've reached that point where the repairs cost just as much as the vehicle, you really consider if it's worth it. Of course, even with a new website, you will still have some maintenance as needed to keep your website free of security issues and up to date on industry trends (new cars still need oil changes after all). But a new website can lower that cost of updating any outdated or broken pieces on your website.

Is Your Website Being Found Or Generating Leads?

If your website is not generating leads and potential customers are not able to find it, you may have a problem that cannot be solved by building a new website. To give a definitive answer to this question, we would need to take a look at your site to determine factors such as,

  • Is it outdated?
  • Has the website been optimized for search engines to find it?
  • Is the website currently being indexed?
  • Are there links back to your website?
  • Does it take a long time to load or are things broken?
  • Are you competing with a lot of competitors to appear in search results?

Being found online needs to include a variety of strategies that stretches beyond the design of your website, and into your digital marketing. Working with a full service digital marketing agency will ensure digital marketing strategies are being implemented into the build of your website.

If you're not sure if you're needing website updates or ready for a new website, contact us for a FREE website analysis. We're invested in our client's success, and we treat each client as if we were stakeholders in their business. Contact us for recommendations to optimize your website's performance, we'll give honest recommendations into whether you simply need website update or if it is time for a new website and WHY we recommend what we do.

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