What’s the difference between a Google My Business account that I create and one that Google creates?

We get asked this question often so we thought we'd dive deeper into it! First of all, for those that don't know what a Google My Business account is, it allows you to show important business information when someone searches for your business or related local services on Google. See our screenshot below of our Google My Business information. Even though we didn't show up first for search results, our business was still shown on a local search because of our Google My Business account.

Google My Business

Accounts Created by Google

If you have not set up your own Google My Business account, Google tries to create one for you. However, Google just populates the information with what it finds on the internet, regardless if it may be correct or not. This information can also be changed by random people if they suggest an edit. Of course, Google could deny the change, but they could let someone change YOUR business information.

Self Verified Google My Business Account

I'm sure you already know where I'm going with this, but you want to get access to your Google My Business account so that you can control the information that potential customers can see. It's always awkward getting a call from an angry client who tried to come into your store just to find out you were closed when Google My Business said you were open.

What Can A Google My Business Account Do For Me?

Great question. First, it lets you control your basic business information including address, contact information, pictures, website url, and business hours.

Beyond the basics Google is constantly coming out with new features as well that you can capitalize on. This includes:

  1. The ability to update your holiday hours or special closures
  2. Publish specials
  3. Add a message button so someone can chat with you directly through Google
  4. Respond to reviews people leave your business
  5. Be found based on your business's industry/category you select

Pretty nifty right? These are just some of the features Google My Business has and they are continuing to come out with more.

Do you want a Google My Business account but not sure where to start? Or maybe you need to gain access to one already created? Give us a shout and we can hook you up.

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