What is a Vector File?

As a business owner, you may have been asked for a vector file of your logo at some point. This is usually requested by graphic designers or printers who are working on signage or other graphics, and often leave you scratching your head wondering what they are talking about. "Isn't this jpg file I sent them good enough?" Unfortunately, it isn't in most cases, and here's why: Each file type serves a different purpose. The most common types, JPGS and PNGs tend to be used on websites and other smaller print pieces. This is because they are saved as pixels at a set size and cannot be made larger without becoming pixelated or blurry. Think of the old photos you used to take with your phone and when you try and blow them up, they become blurry. Vector files, on the other hand, are all based on math not pixels like photos. Think millions of points all connected together which can be scaled up or down without losing their sharp lines. Vector files are often saved as ".eps" or ".ai" files which are design specific and can't always be opened on the average computer without a design program installed. Our recommendation is to always get ALL the file types for your logo from your design company. That way when a printer asks you for a vector logo you'll have the file they need.

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