What Does My Website Need To Get Results?

Gone are the days of "a good product will sell itself". With the amount of competition out there, you need to stand out and be able to speak to your client's wants and needs. You already know this about your business but your website needs to play by the same rules and be equipped to fulfill those desires of your clients. So what does my website need to generate sales?

Is Your Website Bringing You Business?

Whether you answered yes or no, there's typically an answer to why your website is performing the way it is. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Are people able to find your website? If you search for your business online and you can't find it - what are the odds of others finding your business?
  2. Does your website have what your customers are looking for? What value are you providing and how do you communicate that value?
  3. Do you know the stats on your website's traffic? How many visitors, where they're from, how are they finding your website? This can give a lot of insight into future marketing and business development.
  4. Do you want your website to go to the next level and solve an internal issue? For instance, could accepting online payments improve customer experience and reduce employee time?

Your website should be your employee of the month, but it needs the tools to do that. Download our free website questionnaire and start brainstorming the objectives for your website, this questionnaire should help you answer the question, what does my website need?

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