Websites Need Regular Maintenance Too!

In order to better serve and to protect the interests of our clients, we are offering a website maintenance package which will be particularly of value to clients who have a common content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress or Joomla.

Websites with common CMS's are at a higher risk of being hacked because the more popular the CMS frameworks become, the more tempting they are to hackers. Hackers are sophisticated and they know many companies just build a structure and update content, without bothering to maintain that structure. Just like you regularly maintain your car or truck with routine oil changes at service intervals, the same should be done with your website. The common CMS platforms are doing their best to thwart compromises with almost daily software updates, but these only work if they are implemented on a regular basis. This is where our service comes in!

Regular website maintenance is becoming increasingly important, so we are going to offer our clients the option to have us check for, and implement updates for them. Due to the nature of some of these updates, they may "break" certain functionality or page layouts. This service will cover the cost of any fixes required to bring the website back to initial functionality and look. We are hoping this will avoid any major problems from occurring which will affect your website and email security; at the end of the day, our concern is protecting our clients from any added costs and headaches.

As your website host, the website compromises not only affect you the client but us too. We have had a few cases recently where websites have been tampered with causing problems to the site and emails. We take the necessary steps to ensure the problem is quickly dealt with, however it ends up costing the client more money in the long run. We would rather take a proactive approach by protecting your site before a problem occurs.

Not only does this service protect content management systems, it also does some future proofing. Nowadays, browsers are updated frequently and these new versions can display content on your website differently or not even show certain content at all due to the new ways they handle code. Sometimes you won't even notice the problem until someone brings it to your attention, and that is why we want to offer a service to do this for you. These types of errors aren't as common, so we are suggesting we check your website every 6 months to ensure everything is appearing as it should, and do any minor updates needed. If there are major updates required we would give you a full report with our findings, and costs associated with making the fixes.

We understand this may seem unnecessary, especially if you've never had an issue with your site. And we completely understand if you choose not to go ahead with the maintenance package. But we wanted to give an option to our customers so that they can avoid larger costs down the road should something happen due to their site not being updated. However, in the event of a compromise, the section of your website that is affected will be temporarily taken down until it can be brought up to protected status. Of course we will inform you if this happens and let you know of the costs associated with getting everything back up and working for you.

We build your websites with your company's integrity in mind, and these maintenance packages are just an extension of that core service we provide to ensure your website is always at its best. If you have any questions regarding these maintenance packages, please contact Julie for pricing and more information. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter (if you haven't already) to get all the latest industry trends, and information about our services.

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