A Website's Like a Car, It Needs To Be Maintained | Website Maintenance

After your website is built, do you really need to maintain it? Shouldn't it just manage sitting on the server by itself? Depending on what your website is built on, you might have less upkeep to do, but you still need website maintenance. A website is like a car - you need to perform regular maintenance on it to make sure it's running properly. People can tell if your website is not being kept up to date, and not maintaining your website can lead to security issues that can harm your website and give your competitors an advantage.

Below are a few key reasons why you want to make sure your website maintenance team is keeping things up to date and properly maintained.

1. The Industry Doesn't Stay Still

The online industry is constantly evolving, with Google changing their algorithms, the addition of SSL secure certificates for processing payment information, Google blocking certain types of ads, mobile first indexing, just to name a few of the changes that have happened in the last couple years. Having a professional agency manage your website's maintenance helps you to stay on top of these changes.

2. Google Makes The Rules

Because Google and other search engines change their algorithms frequently, if you don't keep your website up-to-date they could knock you down in search results, giving your competitors an advantage. Google knows if your user experience is poor, and they will penalize your website for it. Like a car, you could start out with something at the top of the industry, but hold onto it for a couple years and you definitely won't be the newest thing on the road. So unless you're banking on your competitors staying still and not upgrading any of their assets, it's recommended that you keep your website current and as up-to-date as possible.

3. Plugin & Security Breach Updates Can Be Faster & Cheaper

Often your website uses plugins, and those plugins require regular updates that can patch security issues. The longer this security issue stays unresolved, the more likely your website is to be hacked. Like when a mechanic tells you that you need an oil change, you could just leave it, but it may lead to more problems down the road.

Plugins also have updates that fix functionality. For example, many contact forms on websites use plugins, and when those plugins have functionality updates, not doing the update could cause a form to break, and you could lose leads because you were not notified when someone tried to contact you. And sometimes a form will break when you go ahead with updating a plugin anyway. This is why many companies hire a professional web development agency to manage their website to ensure everything is fully tested and working as it should be.

4. First Impressions Matter

We like to think we're better than that, but everyone judges a website based on looks. The web design is often your business' first impression, and can even determine if people trust your business. Not only does your web design affect your customer's first impression of you, but if the page load speed is slow it will cause visitors to leave quickly and Google will also penalize you. By not updating and maintaining your website, it can look unprofessional and slow down, just like that last cell phone you had.

You're already busy managing the rest of your business, let us help with your website maintenance to make sure all the parts are working together. Give us a shout and we can help clear your plate.

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