Three Reasons why Web Design is Important

First things first, we don't necessarily suggest spending a lot of money on a fancy designed website (although sometimes it can be awesome!). What we do recommend is having a design that helps achieve your goals and complements the functionality of your website. By working with a full-service marketing agency with website designers, developers, and marketing professionals, you can use the strategies from all departments to work together to make your web design work with the other aspects of your business. Read on for the 3 reasons web design is important and can affect your bottom line.

3. Design Provides Brand Recognition/Consistency

The average person needs to see your brand seven times before they begin to recognize it. So what message comes across when you look at all your marketing channels, including print, social media, and website? Are people able to recognize your brand easily on each platform? And does your online advertising work together with the content on your website? Web design should help to create brand recognition and remain consistent with all of your other marketing materials to ensure a positive experience for your customers.

2. Good Website Design Creates Ease of Use

We've all visited websites where we're confused by what we're looking at and just not sure where to find the information we're wanting. So what do we all do? We leave the website and look for a more user-friendly one that can give us what we want. The key point here is that people don't have the patience to decipher a poorly laid out website. Using proper website design techniques can allow your website visitors to quickly gain the information they are wanting, and prevent them from leaving your site to visit someone else's.

1. Web Design helps Achieve your Business Goals

What is the purpose of your website? Let's say it's to attract new leads. So, are your calls-to-action standing out on the website enough for people to notice and act on them? Or do you have too many elements standing out so your most important one is getting lost? With any website's design, you want to determine your primary, secondary, and tertiary goals and design your website around these to make sure your primary goal is the focus.

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