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The Xchange works with manufacturers and other companies that wish to further their sales in North America through their e-commerce website and are located right here in Manitoba. They offer a diverse selection of products from tents that connect to the back of your SUV to food products previously only available in the USA which will soon be available for purchase through their online store in Canada. The Xchange contacted us for a logo design and a website that met the vision they had for their business.

The goal of The Xchange logo design was to create a brand that has a professional and corporate look, but still has an edgy feel with something to be discovered when looked at further. To accomplish this we put a lot of emphasis on the "X". X is often seen as an interesting letter as not many companies have it in their name, allowing this identity to stand out. To draw attention to it, we incorporated a few illustrative qualities by adding the arrows to the ends to make it look like lines (or traffic) are going around the X, representing the border crossing. By having the arrows at opposite ends of the X, it gives the impression that goods are going both ways.

By using gold and black for the colour scheme, it gives the feeling of a quality, premium product. The colours along with the clean, spaced out font, makes it feel corporate and dynamic.

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