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St Jean Social Justice Logo

Earlier this month a team from Graphic Intuitions, a Southern Manitoba marketing firm, visited École Regionale Saint-Jean-Baptiste to work with a group of grade 5-8 students to create a social justice logo. Last summer the students created a social justice club to host events and create awareness within the school and the community about social issues. The goals of the group, as stated by the students, are to gather people together and to help people, not only in the school but in the community as well.

In June the students created logo designs for the social justice club to be used at events and on promotional materials. Graphic Intuitions came in to talk to the students about their logo designs and bring their ideas to life (digitally). Working with the students at St Jean School, we determined what the overall goal was for the logo and what type of image they wanted to portray using the logo design.

Getting Involved

We asked the students the following questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you want your audience to feel when they see your school logo?
  • What colours should be used for the logo design to help create these feelings?
  • What symbols should your logo include?
  • What type of font should be used?

The students provided some great answers that gave us an idea of how they wanted their social justice group to be portrayed. Their audience is the Manitoba community and the students at St Jean School. When others see the logo they want them to feel happy, safe and included. The logo design must also give off a friendly and fun vibe.

The time ended off with the students providing their opinions and drawing up ideas for the logo design.

St Jean Social Justice St Jean Social Justice

The Logo

After meeting with the students, hearing their ideas, and spending time working out all the details, we came up with a logo that represents the Justice Sociale really well. Below is the final logo design that the students voted on. The concept behind this logo was to create a badge that shows the initials of the club (Justice Sociale) in a fun but professional way. In the centre of the logo are the club initials "JS", and then surrounding them are wings, based off the ones in the École St. Jean Baptiste logo. This represents protection and unity between the school and club. The JS on the badge is also in the shape of a person running, which represents the student population.

Justice Sociale St Jean School Logo
This same process can be used for any branding project. Graphic Intuitions works closely with businesses and organizations to develop logo designs and branding strategies that best suits their needs.

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