Salem Home Website Launch

Graphic Intuitions is excited to announce another website launch, Salem Home!

Salem Home is a personal care home located in Winkler, Manitoba and serves residents across Southern Manitoba. We have been working with the amazing and caring team at Salem Home to create a website that will keep residents, families, staff and the community informed on the organization and facilities. This includes providing information on upcoming events, daily dinner menus, activity schedules, upcoming fundraisers, employment opportunities, and much more.

The website design focuses on three main divisions of the organization: Salem Home (facility information), Join the Team (employment opportunities), and Salem Foundation (fundraising initiatives, programs, and achievements). To segment these sections of the website, we utilized different colours so users know which part of the site they are on. Red for Salem Home, orange for Join the Team, and green for Salem Foundation.

It was important for the website to have a warm, inviting feel to it as well. We accomplished this in a couple of ways, the first of which was to use images of actual nurses and residents of Salem Home. Secondly was the use of a warm colour palette instead of a stark white, cold, clinical feel.

Two goals the website needed to accomplish were to increase donations to the Salem Foundation and increase the number of employment applications received. We made both donations and employment a focus on the homepage and also provided clear options for Donating or applying for employment on each page of the website, as these are key to the ongoing success of Salem Home.

Salem Home's website is a great example of how thoughtful web design can be used to achieve a company's goals. In all our projects, before anything has started, we take some time to sit with our clients to determine their business goals and together we create a plan achieve them. In this project, we used web design elements to make the most important aspects stand out and create a flow for visitors. This not only promotes Salem Home's business objectives, but is also a better user experience.

To see more of what Graphic Intuitions has done, including web design projects in Winkler and Winnipeg, check out our portfolio and blog!

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