Runnin' Red Website Launch

A few weeks ago the team at Runnin' Red came to us looking for a new website design for their courier company. Runnin' Red provides pickup services from the US, so if you have a package you need to grab across the border but don't have time to pick it up - they can help!

Their main goal was to clean up their previous website with a fresh new look, but more importantly, provide a better user experience for their customers. The previous site had problems with the pickup and shipping request forms, which are of course very important features of the site that you want working properly. We fixed these up and created a new site that is easy to navigate and allows customers to schedule their shipments or pickups using very simple online forms.

With the creation of the website, we also implemented website tracking so Runnin' Red would be able to see their lead conversion from start to finish. The site includes a form that customers can submit to schedule a pickup and we enabled tracking on the form so that Runnin' Red knows if customers complete the form, or where they stopped filling it out. Without this valuable information, we wouldn't be able to see if certain questions are steering customers away from completing the form. Now, with this information, we can change the form fields and run tests to see what maximizes the conversions.

If you find your website isn't bringing in the leads you had hoped, contact us and we can work with you to optimize it to reach your goals.

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