Problem with Google My Business Edits You Need to Know About

Having a Google My Business account is great and we highly recommend it for all businesses with a physical location, however, there is an issue with Google My Business (GMB) that you need to know about.

ec526110 d195 488e 8016 2f73e3450079 Regardless of if you have verified and own the account, people still have the option to "suggest an edit" on your account. Now instead of Google notifying you, the request is sent through to Google and they decide whether to approve or disapprove the change, often times without informing the owner. So, you guessed it. This means your business information on GMB might change without you knowing.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for this as of now. So, what we encourage everyone to do is every so often, review your Google My Business account information to ensure all of the information is correct, including your location on the map and your business hours and make changes as necessary to ensure customers are seeing the right information.

So is there a benefit to verifying your Google My Business account? Yes, despite the inconvenience of monitoring the information, Google My Business holds huge value, especially for brick and mortar stores. Read more on our blog about the difference between an owned Google My Business and one Google creates. If you need help creating the account, contact our digital marketing team and we'll hook you up.


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