National Trailer Parts: A Case Study

National Trailer Parts has been a loyal client of ours for years, and when they came to us a few months back wanting to redesign their website, we were very excited! The original design was quite a few years old, and they were definitely ready for a change. They were also willing to try new things, which is music to a designer's ears! Our teams worked together to create a dynamic new site which we think looks pretty slick (if we do say so ourselves)!

Here are some of our favourite features from this new site.

Responsive Design
device-showcase-national As web developers, we are seeing a huge shift in how people are viewing websites. The number of people browsing websites through their mobile devices or tablets has increased astronomically in the last couple of years. In fact, we have some clients who have more people viewing their website via tablet than any other device. As a result, this changes how we design a website. Whether you are viewing the site on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, the information displayed is customized to the viewport, meaning you see the most vital information instantly.

Animations are just as they sound: animated features that help draw the eye to various parts of the website. As you scroll and navigate through the various pages, there are dynamic elements which pop out or move, creating a more interactive and exciting experience for users.

CMS by Craft
cms We wanted National Trailer Parts' website to function and look a specific way, which was made easier with the flexibility of the Craft system. Templated platforms such as WordPress or Joomla are often very difficult to design with, especially when large or detailed systems are required. We were able to shape it how we wanted, without compromising quality. We will be doing a full review of this product in upcoming blog posts, so keep checking back!

National Trailer Parts sells, you guessed it, trailer parts! Based out of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, they service customers from British Columbia all the way to North Western Ontario, and have been in business since 1992. Here is what Mike Heschel from National Trailer Parts had to say about our working relationship: "The team at Graphic Intuitions takes time to understand how we operate as a company. By understanding us, and our customers - they are able to deliver a better product than anyone else."

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