Lower Your Spam, Make Your Domain Private

If you've registered a domain, you would have noticed that little option to make your domain private. So why does it matter and is it worth the cost of making your domain private? Well, after little test of "How bad could it really be?" , we would tell you it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

Why You Should Make Your Domain Private

If you don't make your domain private, as you would assume, your information is available for everyone to see. This includes your contact details. This gives spammers and solicitors your contact details associated with your new domain. After leaving our domain information open, here's what happened to us.

We registered our domain and in less than one week, we received approximately 15 emails throughout the week, plus 6 calls from solicitors IN ONE DAY. It's no wonder we get messages so often from clients concerned with the amount of spam they receive, it's extremely frustrating! So one of the things you might want to check to lower your spam is privatizing your domain.

Common Solicitor Content

These solicitors are using bots to search for domains that are public, not made private, and contact you with the information that anyone can find on The common messages you will receive include those who are looking to offer their website or marketing services. Of course, spammers never seem to just stop there, so by leaving your contact information accessible, you're opening the door to receiving all sorts of spam.


There is an additional cost to make your domain private, but in our opinion, it is completely worth it.

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