Little Known Way To Market Locally With Twitter

Even if you don't have a mobile friendly website, there is a quick and easy way to Market Locally With Twitter: 1) Drive people to your website, 2) Drive local people to your retail location, and 3) Drive product out the door!

First Step To Market Locally With Twitter

First step, create a free Twitter account, and be sure to take the time to fully set it up before you move to the next step. Be sure you have attractive cover images and a profile image that is consistent with your business brand. Complete your profile, description and all other profile options using the best keyword phrases that you wish to be found for.

Once you have the Twitter account fully configured, move to step two.

Second Step To Market Locally With Twitter

Step Two, create a free account with the service 'If This Then That' ( This is the magic in this little-known way to market locally with Twitter... and it may take a bit of getting-used to...

So we created an easy way for you to jump-start - you can copy our two main 'Recipes' and tailor them to your location and audience.

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Recipe One - Monitor all tweets from a small Geographic Target area, and add those people to a special Twitter List of local tweeters.

Recipe Two - Monitor all mentions of a local organization or event hashtag, and add those people to a special Twitter List.

The Hidden Power Of Twitter Lists

Once you configure your Recipe on IFTTT, the service will continue to monitor Twitter for your criteria. When a person tweets something that matches this criteria, they are added to your specific list. This user gets a notification about being added to your list - and this may be your 'first sales touch' with a potential customer.

Tweets from
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Share Your Lists To Gain More Followers

When you create a new list for people who tweet the hashtag of a specific industry trade show or event, share and announce this list on other social platforms like Linkedin Groups, Google+ Communities and Facebook Groups.

Finally... Time To Turn Likes and Follows into SALES

Once you have grown a respectable list - you can start using 'Promoted Tweets' to show a special offer to people who are on your list! Link this special offer to a mobile friendly landing page that converts this person into an email subscriber - and you are well on your way to building a relationship, and perhaps a sale.

There you have it, a concrete, little known way to Market Locally With Twitter.

Doing More With Twitter - Attending Trade Shows Virtually

Imagine an organized campaign of creating 'Lists' of people who tweet the official event hashtag for every Trade Show in your industry. For the cost of travelling and attending just one show as an exhibitor, you could use Twitter to consistently generate high quality leads from every Trade Show and Industry Association Event throughout the entire year!

Digital Marketing To Help You BeBig

[caption id="attachment_792" align="alignright" width="300"] BeBig - Our Successful Methodology BeBig - Our Successful Methodology[/caption]

If you would like to Market locally with Twitter, but just don't have the time - we can help.

You want your business to grow, but aren't sure how to get there. That's where we come in. From initial concept to final launch, printed materials to digital marketing strategies and everything in-between, the team at Graphic Intuitions can help.

We put together the BeBIG marketing strategy to show our clients how they too can reach their potential through their own marketing. BeBIG is a gateway into our process, showing the amazing work we have done with our larger clients to demonstrate the scope of our expertise.

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