Launched: West Textiles - Winnipeg Web Design

This summer presented the opportunity to work with West Textiles in Winnipeg on their web design. As a company that keeps up with design trends, it was time to give the website a refresh. The old site was outdated, not mobile friendly, had no visitor tracking, and did not portray West Textiles branding any more. We'll take you through the goals they had, and how we catered this Winnipeg based business's web design around those business goals.

West Textiles Website Goals

West Textiles is a wholesale design resource warehouse, supplying products to designers and businesses in Winnipeg and expanding between Ontario and BC. Before starting on this Winnipeg web design, we wanted to revisit their goals and gain a better understanding of their business and the services and products they provide. This is all in order to provide the best recommendations for their online marketing. Their goals were:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Acquiring new clientele
  • Showcasing the products and services they have to offer

Based on their requirements, we could then design a website that met their goals and provide recommendations on their website and marketing.

Improve Brand Awareness

You can have the best website in the world, but if customers can't find you, it won't help grow your business. To improve brand awareness we built the site using all up to date features that search engines, like Google require, including:

  • SSL secure certificate
  • Proper switch over and forwarding of the old website to the new website
  • Enabled search engines to index the website
  • Designed to be mobile friendly
  • Basic search engine optimization implemented

Acquiring New Clientele With Lead Captures

This goes hand in hand with ensuring people are able to find your website. But once people find you, you need to give them a reason and a way to contact your business. Lead capture forms were created throughout the website on the showroom, warehouse, and contact page; all with a different call to action to entice visitors to contact West Textiles. The contact page then includes a map to ensure people can easily find their location. Finally, contact information is easily found in the footer as well.

Showcasing Products & Services Through Web Design

As a warehouse with so many products, it's hard to show all of them off. Instead, carefully selected images were chosen by the West Textiles team to implement into their website. These images reflect their brand and show visitors what to expect if they visit their showroom with countless textiles to choose from.

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