Is Your Trade Show Booth Ready To Get Leads?

The cost of attending a trade show is not cheap. So you should be able to justify the costs with sales and leads by the end of it. But from experience working with many business owners, many are just scratching the surface in what they should be doing to gather leads and stay connected with them. Here are a few things you should do to prepare for your next trade show.

Trade Show Marketing: Grow Your Email List

Most booths will have giveaways that people enter by submitting their email address. But many businesses don't use the email address beyond the giveaway! Now we've heard business owners say how they don't want to be pushy by sending something to their inbox, but guess what, most people expect it when they sign up for something with their email address. And you know what else, people can unsubscribe at any point! We're no lawyers (subtle disclaimer) but at the time of writing this, once someone gives you their email address, you are allowed to contact them for the next six months or longer if they give permission to receive communication. Just remember to provide a way for people to unsubscribe.

Follow Up

Many attendees of trade shows see so many booths and have so many printed pieces, by the end of it they don't remember which booths were which. This is why it's so important to follow up. Send them an email reminding them about your business and any relevant information from your trade show booth. This communication will help to keep you top-of-mind and differentiate you from your competition.

Make Gathering Leads Easy

It's a love-hate thing, that feeling when a trade show ends and you get a lot of contacts, but now you need to add them all into your system. No one wants to manually input all those contacts, nevermind the ones where you can't decipher the handwriting. At your next trade show, bring a tablet or computer that attendees can use to input their information themselves to receive a quote, enter a giveaway, signup to your email list, or anything else you are doing. The prep work before the trade show will save you hours afterwards, as well as potential leads due to unreadable writing! We can even create a landing page for you that can automate the process. Plus systems can be put in place to send an automated follow-up email.

Whatever you're planning for your next trade show, there are steps that can be taken beforehand to help you get more leads and automate processes. Our team of web developers, marketers, and print experts can help you prepare for the next trade show.

Business Development Shayne Serediuk

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