Firefox Now Labeling Websites As Not Secure

Firefox Now Labeling Websites As Not Secure

A few weeks ago we informed you of an update that Google Chrome is pushing that could mark your website as not secure and it now seems Google Chrome is not the only one hopping on this bandwagon. Firefox is now marking some websites as not secure.

What is SSL?

Securing your site with SSL prevents any third party from intercepting traffic between your website and the user. It's like having a secure phone line between you and your customers.

Firefox Marking Sites As Not Secure

Firefox has now moved forward in their HTTPS push that will mark HTTP websites as not secure. In case you missed the alert, this latest HTTPS push that is occurring on all popular browsers is making it safer for users to browse the internet in the way it handles visitor data. Does your website have an SSL certificate? If not, your visitors could see notifications like this:

websites as not secure

This change can affect your traffic if your customers don't feel safe to use, browse and purchase on your website. Once an SSL certificate is installed, this is what you can expect visitors to see when they visit your website:

SSL certificate

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