Facebooks Newsfeed Changes

If you haven't already heard, Facebook is making changes to users news feeds - showing more content from friends and less from business and brand Facebook pages. As a personal user these changes are fantastic and have been long awaited, but how do we combat the Facebooks newsfeed changes as a business?

Although this change brings a large learning curve, it is for the best. Why? Facebook's algorithms are able to tell which posts people are engaging with, meaning more relevant posts will appear at the top of people's newsfeeds. Why does this matter? This means pages that are potentially spammy will lose their position in news feeds, and the genuine content you're creating that people are engaging with will still be seen. Win!

Now, the obvious catch 22 is how do I get people to engage with my content if they can't find it? We don't have an exact step-by-step plan for you but what we can tell you is you cannot rely on Facebook's audience - you need to create your own community. Remember, Facebook's goal is to keep users on their app, and in order to keep people on the app users need to be engaged. So if you're simply creating content willy-nilly in hopes a potential client will see it, you won't get very far. You need a content strategy that is purposeful, planned, and tracked to combat Facebooks newsfeed changes.

Where do I begin with a social media content strategy? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Look at your past posts - review which ones performed the best and take some insight from your own work
  • Look at your competition - don't copy what they're doing but look at their posts that are getting engagement and see if you can get some ideas for your own strategy
  • Tag others - with their approval, of course, people love seeing photos of themselves or their friends. Think of some clients or other businesses you can potentially collaborate with
  • Video - social media is now being dominated by video, so put your thinking cap on and see what options there are for creating some videos for your company (Facebook videos receive on average 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo, according to Social Media Today)
  • Respond to others - this can't be emphasized enough. Imagine you're at a coffee shop and someone compliments you on your shirt, and you just stare at them and don't say anything. Awkward right? The person will probably walk away and not talk to you again and others that saw the conversation may think poorly of your lack of response. The same concept goes for social media, when someone comments on your content, respond!
  • Boosted posts - this shouldn't be your only source of engagement but sometimes if you really need to get something out there. Try putting some money behind it to know your content is being seen which can also lead to organic (non-paid) engagement as well

Finally, remember that not all content is good for Facebook. You may need to have different strategies for each platform, whether you're on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Need help with your social media content strategy? To create the best plan, we get to know your audience and your business. So let's connect!

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