Employee Advocacy - The Untapped Marketing Strategy

Of course, motivated employees make great employees, and who doesn’t like feeling appreciated in their workplace? But did you know that your employees can be one of your greatest influencers? I’m not going to talk about the benefits of efficiencies with a motivated employee but look beyond your businesses four walls and the benefits of high employee advocacy outside the workplace and how it can be one of your best marketing strategies.

Employees as Influencers

You will have seen people share their workplace experiences with friends and on social media. You also know that as a business owner, referrals can be some of your greatest lead sources. So what are your thoughts on a company when you talk with a friend about their day or see a post on social media? ie. “I had an amazing lunch meeting with Jane and John to discuss future projects!”, verses someone who consistently complains about management. The small, everyday things that show an employee’s joy in their job leaves an impact on those around them. Would you rather buy a product form a company whose employees are happy or from the company you’re hearing complaints about? Or better yet, would you rather buy from a company whose employees are happy verses an ad you saw at one point with a similar product?

Larger Reach

Brand messages are reshared 24 times more frequently when distributed by employees vs the brand (Source). Every person has their own circle of influence, which is often larger than that of a brand’s. People are also more likely to engage with a person than with a brand’s account.

Better Lead Quality

Leads that are generated through employees are more likely to convert and have a higher retention rate. Trust plays a large part in the purchase decision, and when that trust can already be established from the beginning it leaves you with an extremely valuable client.

For these reasons, many businesses have best practices for social media use or even an employee advocacy program to encourage and incentivize lead generation.

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