The Emphasis is on Emphasis

We're very proud of the website we recently designed for Rempel Insurance Brokers in Morris, MB. There are a lot of subtle features on this site that help highlight central elements to make it easier for customers to quickly find what they are looking for. Why don't you take a peek!

First on the list of goodies is the use of smooth transitions. As you roll over various parts of the site, you'll see subtle changes that bring emphasis to certain areas. Whether the images change size or colour, the key is to help main areas stand out while making a more interactive and exciting user experience.

It is a MUST for a website to have responsive design in today's world. As we've talked about in other blog posts, responsive design means that your website will perform optimally across a wide range of devices from mobile phones, to desktop computer monitors, to tablets. The Rempel Insurance website is definitely ready to serve its customers on any device. If you were in an accident and needed to contact your insurance company from your car, you sure wouldn't want to have to fumble around a website that doesn't cater to your mobile device. Having the information you need, when and where you need it, is crucial.

Have you ever been on a website where you have to keep scrolling back to the top of the page to return to the navigation buttons? It can be pretty frustrating for users so we made sure that the Rempel Insurance website had sticky navigation. Some of you are probably thinking: "Sticky, what now?" It just means that even if you scroll to the bottom of a page, the navigation buttons remain "stuck" at the top of the page so you never have to scroll back up to find them. Nice!

We wanted to make sure that our clients could easily add content to their pages without too many steps. On interior pages, the client needed the ability to link pages together within a parent page; this was simply done by having the client add a new page as a child of a designated parent page. What would have been a four-step process was simplified to one step with our specially designed Content Management System.

This is what our client had to say: "Working with Shayne & Julie at Graphic Intuitions was awesome! They arranged for their web designers to come to our office so we could discuss how to update our website not only for today, but also for the future. It was important for us to have a flexible mobile site for our clients to access us where ever they might be and Graphic Intuitions provided the latest applications available. We are so pleased with the final look and were so excited to launch our new website!"

To see more of our work, please visit our portfolio. And remember, we are always ready to help you achieve your marketing goals! Give us a ring, we'd love to chat with you.

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