DEKALB SuperSpiel Event Website

Graphic Intuitions - Official Web Sponsor for DEKALB SuperSpiel

Graphic Intuitions is a proud sponsor of the 9th annual DEKALB SuperSpiel taking place November 18-21 at the Morris Multiplex and the Rosenort Arena. We've been working alongside Co-Chairs, Chris and Lorne Hamblin, for a few months now and are excited to announce the launch of the new event website!

DEKALB SuperSpiel Event Website

"Graphic Intuitions (web sponsor) has done a wonderful refresh of our DEKALB website."

The purpose of the event website is to make DEKALB SuperSpiel known as one of the best international curling bonspiel events. To better serve participants, spectators and sponsors, the DEKALB SuperSpiel organizers wished to upgrade their old event website and improve their social media presence and digital marketing strategies.

The new event website provides the DEKALB SuperSpiel's audience with the up-to-date information they are seeking, while at the same time increasing brand awareness. To provide more value to sponsors a professional ad management system was included, which is easily updated through the site's content management system. There is also an opt-in subscription form to build the database of email addresses for future promotions.

DEKALB SuperSpiel Event Website

The event website features:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Linked Digital Marketing strategies for distributing current content
  • Sponsor ad management, banner development and tracking
  • Email subscriber list

So mark your calendars for this year's DEKALB SuperSpiel and don't forget to check out their website for the event details!

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