Database Insurance Website Launch

Every time we get to press that big launch button we get all giddy! Database Insurance website is now live. Our client had one goal, increase their online leads. They felt they weren't getting the number of leads that they should have been. So we delved in a little further with our client during the discovery session and found out that there was no tracking implemented in their current insurance website. Without tracking, you have no idea whether you are getting enough people to the website to get those desired leads and if you are, you have no clue why they are not converting. Our first step, before we even started working on the new website, was to implement Google Analytics on the old website to start getting some sort of traffic baseline.

Converting Website Traffic

The next question we needed to answer was, why wasn't the traffic converting? To help figure this out we did user testing and noticed that the one action the client was wanting the visitors to complete, fill in a lead form, was nowhere to be found on their homepage. Users had to navigate multiple clicks to find it. To fix this we chose to use a "landing page" design style for the new insurance website design, where the one action you are wanting visitors to complete is front and center. We also made the application form the center of attention on each page of the site. This increases the chances of a website visitor completing the application form and a lead being generated from the website.

Lead Forms

Making the application form the main focus increases the chances of a lead submission, but it doesn't mean visitors will actually complete the entire form. We noticed in our user testing visitors found there were too many steps to complete before they could submit the form. They simply lost interest and didn't complete it. To solve this issue we asked the client to pare the number of questions down to the absolute minimum required. This reduced the steps from 10 down to 5. We weren't done there though, we still wanted to find out if visitors weren't completing the entire form process, what was holding them up? To figure this out we implemented tracking goals on each step of the form to find out if visitors weren't completing the form, which step(s) were the stumbling block.

Tracking Return On Investment

The great thing about implementing tracking into the new website is that we are now able to show the client the conversion rate of the website. It also lets us show the client the return on investment for any marketing campaigns we run. Is your website converting your traffic into sales? Contact us to maximize your website's potential.

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