Customer Retention is like Dating

First impressions, love languages, getting noticed, these are a few of the things dating and a customer retention marketing strategy have in common. So what sets you apart and how can you maintain the relationship? These are the things you need to consider when creating a customer retention strategy:

1. Go To The Right Places

When trying to meet someone new, you should probably visit the right places in order to find someone you're compatible with. For your business that might mean being on certain social platforms, or traditional media if your audience isn't online. There are plenty of options, and finding your target audience might take some research and trial and error.

2. Create a Relationship

That spark of a connection. When you experience something that really connects with you, that's the experience you want to initiate with your customers. People connect with brands on a personal level thanks to a brand marketing strategy. So take a look at your target audience and treat it like a first date. Find common ground, show off a little, but don't sound conceited (unless by some miracle you find someone that's into that 😳) and try to get the chance for a second date!

3. Stay Top of Mind

Picture this, you ask someone on a date, you asked for their contact info and you managed to get it. Awesome right? And now you don't contact them. The person might wonder for a couple days why you didn't contact them, but after that, they forget about you. So why would you do that with your business? As the saying goes, there are a million fish in the sea. Now you don't want to be calling them every hour, but while the memory of you is fresh, you should probably contact them and follow up after a couple days to make sure you can arrange that first date. Get your foot in the door! How you do that depends on your audience. This may be through phone calls, or an email marketing strategy. But don't let them forget about you!

4. Show Some Love

Ever heard of love languages? Well, your target audience has one too. Some people want gifts, while others care more about some good old quality time. Find what makes them feel valued and make it personal. This will help you to differentiate yourself. And remember, for some people they really just appreciate the small things. So before you go all out and spend tens of thousands on gifts and dinners at the fanciest restaurants, do some research and testing to see what they like.

5. Be a Little Vulnerable

Now we're not talking about divulging all the mistakes that you made throughout your life. (What entrepreneur hasn't had a few learning opportunities on their way up!) But nearly 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when they are fully transparent. At some point, you reach a stage in the relationship where you should let people know a bit about you if you want to keep it growing. So show the people behind the scenes, talk about how your products are sourced, etc.

6. Build Trust

After you have started building a relationship, the other person tends to be more open with you. Don't take it for granted. Customers can be reluctant to give out their information. So if you are not careful with that information or don't give them what they are expecting, that's a sure fire way to end a relationship. And breakups are messy. Besides losing a valuable relationship, they also tell their friends about the issues that caused the breakup. So we emphasize, don't misuse a customer's trust, because it's hard to come out not looking like the bad guy.

Hopefully, these gave you some ideas to implement into your own customer retention marketing strategy. You can't "fake it till you make it" in a relationship. It takes time and commitment.

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