Custom Logo Design for Jablonski Carpentry

When a client comes in with an exact vision for a new custom logo design, and gets mad when our design looked better than he envisioned - we know we're doing our job! Jablonski Carpentry in St. Jean, Manitoba, has "branched out" to not only offer carpentry, but full home builds as well. And so a new custom logo design was needed to show this expansion in the company.

custom logo design

Logo Design Rational

The rationale behind this custom logo design was to create an iconic mark that could be used as a stand-alone icon as well as a full logo mark.

The icon itself is made up of 3 parts. The first being a tree. Jablonski is a Polish term for apple blossom, and with Jablonski being the owners last name it was obvious that this should be the main focus of the mark.

The next challenge was to somehow relate a tree back to construction. To do this we strayed from the typical round shapes used to form the leaves of the tree to a more abstract shape which now resembled the shape of a house.

The final part that needed to be included in the carpentry logo was the use of the 3 tree branches. They wanted three branches to represent their 3 children. When working those in we realized that by tweaking the bends in the branches the way we did, we could also incorporate a sort of hidden feature which was the initials JC (Jablonski Carpentry) into them.

Once we had the main logo nailed down, the client also wanted us to design a few secondary marks for them which would be used on social media, shirts, hats and other promotional products. For these designs, we came up with two different hashtag marks and a secondary JC inc icon to be used as a large sign for their shop.

Jablonski Carpentry was extremely pleased with the end result of their full rebrand, which we then consider a huge success. It was a big challenge for us to work in all these elements into a single brand, but with that challenge, it made for a very fun and interesting project for us to work on.

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