Increase Email Open Rates this Holiday Season

5 Types of Email Subject Lines That Will Produce Higher Open Rates

We encourage you to send a holiday email to your client list to remind them of the great offers and products you have in these last few weeks before Christmas. Here are some tips on creating compelling subject lines.

The subject line is the key factor in determining whether or not someone looks at your email. If you're subject line doesn't jump out in your customer's over-flowing inbox, it just doesn't matter. The other thing to consider when writing productive subject lines for email marketing is how relevant the topic is to your customer. If it doesn't speak to them or bring them some kind of value, what's the point?

Here are a few types of different subject lines that convert into higher open rates. Give them a try in your next mailer!

1. Make them laugh

If you can get them with a few chuckles, they are more likely to open your email to see exactly what you have to talk about.

Example: Fearing the Turkey-pocolypse? Watch How to Survive Thanksgiving (Youtube Broadcast Newsletter)

2. Lists

Most marketers will tell you that there is something deep inside the depths of the human mind that make people attracted to lists. The reason may be because lists suggest easy steps someone can take immediately to achieve a goal. Plus they usually contain a strong call to action.

Example: Three steps you can take today to increase your holiday sales!


3. Testimonials

Name dropping works well even in email marketing! If you have a client who is well-known who uses your products or services, why not use that in a subject line? You may want to ask this person for their permission if you know them personally.

Example: Why Arnold Palmer Uses Quaker State Motor Oil.

4. How-to

How-to subject lines also create a strong call to action. If you can provide people with tips to improve their home or work life, they will be more willing to open your email.

Example: How to increase the ROI with your PPC advertising.

5. News

If you have news to share with your customers that will affect their business, whether it's positive or negative, use that as your subject line.

Example: Facebook is making changes to their privacy policy. Are you ready?

By utilizing these types of subject lines, you'll notice a difference in the amount of engagement your email receives. MailChimp has also suggested that certain words used in subject lines tend to produce lower open rates. The words they suggest you avoid are: free, help, percent off and reminder.

Emails Don’t Always Have to be Promotional

Not all correspondence to your email list needs to be promotional in nature. Actually, it should always be a mix of promotions, tips and general information about your business. Towards the end of the holiday season, take a few minutes to personally thank your customers by sending them a holiday email and to wish them a wonderful holiday season. Here is an example of a holiday email you could send to clients:

Dear (name):

We wanted to personally thank you for being such an important part of our success by supporting us with your patronage and referring your friends and family to our business. We feel very fortunate to be able to serve such a great community.

Our wish for you this holiday season is continued happiness and health and the warmth of family and friends wrapped around you - because that is what this time of year is really all about.

Thanks again for being such an important part of what we do. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!



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