Billboard Regulations

If you're planning on putting up a sign or billboard to market your business there are a few billboard regulations you need to know. To keep drivers safe and not distracted, there are rules on the design, location, and setup of the sign.

We have included some of the billboard regulations that you will need to abide by, although not all signs need a permit, it's always best to be safe. You can contact The Highway Traffic Board to see if a permit is needed and if so, you can request a permit through them. Permits are generally good for 5 years and only one sign is permitted to be put up by a Provincial Trunk Highway for any business.

Billboard Regulations

Content/Design Regulations

  • The sign must be legible from a distance from the sign of at least 100 meters from the point of the highway where vehicles pass by
  • Content can't be less than 16 cm in height
  • No moving, flashing lights or reflective paint or material
  • No moving parts
  • No running or changing messages
  • Can't contain arrows
  • Can't contain more than 12 words or symbols (non-profit organizations may have exceptions)
  • Can't resemble a traffic control device, emergency vehicle, or highway maintenance vehicle

Location Of The Sign

  • Placed at an angle no greater than 45 degrees perpendicular to the center of the highway
  • Must be placed at least 200 meters away from

    • major intersection
    • where the highway curves,
    • a railway crossing
    • any other signs
  • Placed 2 km away from an interchange
  • Can't obscure another sign or traffic sign
  • At least 3 meters from the highway or a distance where if it should fall, it would not fall on the highway


  • Anchored and supported to withstand wind and elements

Billboard regulations change depending on the type of business you are conducting, whether the sign will be at your business or elsewhere, etc. The above list is just an overview of the regulations if you are putting up a sign we recommend you contact The Highway Traffic Board to see which regulations apply to you.

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